Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Have a sweet tooth?

I do and so does my daughter. I know a lot of parents are hesistant in giving their children anything that contains sugar because of how it could affect their children's behavior. One of the guilty pleasures in our family is endulging in some good old fashion gummy bears and gummy worms. I call it a guilty pleasure because there are a lot of ingredients that are in it that are not good for you, especially the colorings, additives, etc. It's one of those treats that we have very seldom because of the contents. However, when we have it, we do indulge.

One day, I was reading another mommy blog and they blogged about a company named Surf Sweets. Immediately, I went to their website and started looking up their product information. They carried a line of gummy bears and gummy worms that were healthy. None of their products contain trans fats, GMOs, corn syrup, gluten, artificial colors, and flavors. This is definitely important for me and my children. I don't like feeding myself or my child, products that contain ingredients that are unhealthy and have been in the news for causing cancer, etc. I had to try these out for myself because ultimately healthy or not, it really comes down to taste. If they are healthy and taste like mud, I am not going to eat them, that is the simple truth.

I tried out the gummy worms, gummy bears, super sour worms, fruity bears, jelly beans, and the sour berry bears. Let me say, they tasted even better than what I usually get. The regular gummy bears or worms, usually leave an oily after taste, and sometimes you can see the oil through the package. These had a really great fruity taste without the oily mess. The sour bears and worms, left me wanting more. They had the perfect sourness to my favorite treat. The fruity bears and the jelly beans had a nice fruity taste, which my daughter loved a lot. They were so good, I actually finished all the packages in one sitting. I also liked the fact that I could enjoy eating these treats without the guilt of consuming all those icky ingredients. Another great plus about these were that they contained 100% of our Vitamin C serving. So while we are indulging, we are getting in our "Cs."

I loved it so much, that same day I went to our neighborhood Whole Foods and bought 8 more packages of the gummy worms and bears. I think they will be gone before the end of the week. For parents and children who have food allergies, they have products that are vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. So there is a treat for everyone. I am allergic to dairy, so these treats were ever-so perfect for me, and they are processed in a facility free of wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, nuts, fish, and shellfish.

So if you want to get your sweet tooth on, please visit: A lot of stores, such as Whole Foods and Toys R Us carry their line of products. If you don't see a store in your neighborhood, go to the local store manager and urge them to carry these products.