Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do you want something that's a cut above Craigslist?

Do you want something that is a cut above Craigslist when it comes to Baby items, gears, furniture, etc.? Then look no further and go to Hand Me Downs. It's pretty much a classified ad for everything and anything baby/children. Just as the name states, they are hand me downs. I took a look at a lot of the items on the site and they are either gently used condition or almost new condition, so you can definitely nab a steal. Moreover, a lot of the items are high end and name brand, for some of you platinum moms out there. In the stroller category, I saw a lot of Orbit, Bugaboo, Stokke, Rock Star, Peg Perego Skate, and the list goes on and on. You can even see Nicole Ritchie and Gwen Stefani auctioning off their hand me downs for their charities. All in all, this one is a winner. Go over to Hand Me Downs, and click on your location, it will bring up the classified section of your locale.


  1. You are quick! I just heard them advertising on KissFM this morning, Ellen was saying the goodies you could get to support the charities.

  2. I bought a really nice stroller for like $75 dollars. I like this site and plus it has links to services and stuff.

  3. Yay! They have a classified for North Jersey. I will be shopping away.