Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you Dappled yet?

When my daughter was an infant, my mother and I, had so many difficulties in trying to clean out her bottles. Time and time again, we were left with soap residue, milk odor, and not a complete sense of cleanliness. When you are a parent, you have sanitary concerns, especially when it comes to your newborn because they look so delicate and fragile. You want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power, to protect your child from any harm. Trying to be a conscious parent, I bought all natural laundry detergents for babies, as well as natural dish liquid. I liked the fact that my dish liquid was natural, green, and did not have any harmful chemicals in it. However, it was not doing it's job in cleaning my bottles to a sanitary standard. I couldn't find anything else, so we just went with it. If we couldn't get rid of the residue, we just boiled the heck out of the bottles. Most people don't have the time nor energy, to be standing in front of the stove, making sure that the bottles are being boiled, and not over-boiled. We managed to make it through that period, but it came with a lot of hard work.

After my daughter started to play with her toys and shared her toys, cleanliness became a major concern. Especially, when I saw her putting toys in her mouth, as well as other children, putting toys in their mouth. With germs here and there, it was hard to monitor and wash each individual toy, every time I saw a toy go into her mouth, or another child's mouth. Of course, I had my mother, who was on a mission, to clean each and every toy. But had it been me, I wouldn't have had the time or the energy to do that.

Being pregnant again, and having a toddler on my hands, I wanted to find something that could do the job, be safe, and green at the same time. I knew someone out there would understand my frustrations with cleaning products, and would have developed a product by now. To my excitement, I was able to find Dapple Baby, which was started by mothers who had similar experiences, as well as frustrations that I had encountered with my daughter. They devoted their entire line of products to babies, which in turn, makes it safe for adults as well. I tried out there Dapple Toy Cleanser Wipes and their Dapple Dish Liquid. Both those products had a list of simple ingredients, that are very natural, and free of phtalate, paraben, SLES, and dye. A definite "A-plus" in my book. They are frangranced with pure lavender essential oil, and are biodegradable. They do not test on animals and are certified to contain no detectable levels of dioxane. So pretty much, they covered their grounds, from A to Z, to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

We had some bottles of the past, stacked in our kitchen. Most of them still had the residues left from 2 years ago, and the odor still existed. We took the dish liquid, with warm to hot water, and washed it. My mom was skeptical at first. Her first experience with natural dish liquid, was not a pleasant one, when it came to cleaning. To our surprise, the residue came off, and this was from 2 years back. Immediately, we wanted to try out the toy wipes. We took some of her older toys and cleaned them off with the wipes, and it was as easy as 1-2-3. Knowing the convenience, safety, and reliability, I would get from using Dapple Baby Products, made me feel really confident, for the next baby to come.

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