Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cleaning the right way

As parents, we are constantly cleaning up after our children. Sometimes, they are simple spills, and other times it's the marked up, kiddie drawings, all over the wall. Sure, I love murals and artworks, but sometimes, it just doesnt work in certain places. Having a child, I have been more and more conscious about the products I use. I try to stay away from mainstream conventional cleaners because they are just so toxic and hazardous to our health, while being hard on the environment and our Earth.

I have used many products that are natural and safe, however, sometimes, I just feel it does not clean the way I want it to. Granted it is very natural, so you must compare and outweigh your options. But I felt that something had to be on the market that was safe, natural, and did the cleaning. And you know what? I was right. Simply Neutral is what I discovered. I tried out the Value Pack which included, the all-purpose cleaner, the no-VOC glass cleaner, and the non-abrasive cleanser. Immediately, I liked how they packaged it and shipped to my house. In order to reduce their global footprint, they shipped their cleaners, "waterless." The concentrate was in the bottle, and all I needed to do, was add water. They also reuse and recycle, their boxes, as well as their packing supplies. I thought this was very neat, and very eco-conscious.

My mother is a master cleaner, and she really knows how to work it. In the past, she has complained about, some of my more natural and safer products. I handed the products over to her and she was quite pleased with them. She said that it actually cleaned, rather than her trying to clean it. None of the cleaners contain petroleum-based compounds, phosphates, volatile organic compounds, dyes, or synthetic frangrances. Save your house and Save the Earth. For more information, go to

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  1. I am going to check these out because there are a couple that I use that are natural that I am not completely sold on.