Friday, May 15, 2009

Music for you and your baby's ears

How many times, do you read a pregnancy magazine or go online, and you see an advertisement for a product that you would like to try out, but you are not sure if its worth the money to spend. I am one of those people. Times are hard, and you really have to think about the worth of your purchases. Having probably the most stressful pregnancy, this time around, with sciatica, nausea, and hormonal changes galore, I have been looking for products that would de-stress me. When I came across Bellysonic, the pictures and the messages on the ad, seemed like my most immediate cure for de-stressification.

I wanted to bond with my child, and music seemed to be the most perfect way. Music is so soothing, comforting, and freeing. I felt that the music I would hear through my ears, and the music my baby would hear, through my belly, would be another step in our bonding experience. In other words, it's our time, for me to de-stress, and my child to reap the benefits of that.

When I was getting more information about the Bellysonic, I was introduced to their other line, Sleepsonic. It's based upon the same principles, but it's a speaker pillow. I have problems with sleeping at night because my days are filled, and I constantly think about all the millions of things, I need to take care of the next day. So in turn, I always have trouble sleeping at night. The Sleepsonic would be another way for me to de-stress, listen to music, and also get a good night's rest.

Of course, once I got my Bellysonic and Sleepsonic, I was super-excited. I was super-excited to try it out and super excited to write about it. If it's something that helps me, and I could help others in the same boat, I would be so happy to spread the word.

First, the Bellysonic, is super soft,lightweight, and made of Organic Sherpa cotton fabric. It has a built in (mini) low out-put headphone type stereo speakers, a headphone splitter, and an MP3 player storage area in the speaker pouch. You can also use the Bellysonic with a CD player. Plus, it is Made in the USA (nothing better than supporting our own economy).

The Bellysonic delivers stereo sounds to the womb. It allows both the mommy and the baby to enjoy the process of prenatal learning. There has been endless research, proving the benefits that music gives to the baby in the womb. I was always told by mom and other mothers, to turn on music and let the baby enjoy, while you relax. And after trying it, I was able to relax, and it was such a great feeling that my baby was listening to the same music. I felt like we were sharing a "secret" experience that was only between us. I felt like I was bonding with my baby, and with every movement and every kick, it just made my experience even more satisfying.

The Sleepsonic stereo speaker pillows came with a built in pair of custom-made digital stero headphones. The pillow was very compact in design and very comfortable. It is also compatible with any digital, stereo CD/tape, MP3, PC, portable or home stereo system. So you don't have to be high tech to use this pillow. My pillowcase was made of Organic Sherpa Cotton, which was very soft and delicate. Another great option was that you can customize your own pillow to fit your own sleeping needs. My pillow was a wedged pillow, made on an incline, which offered me more neck support and more thickness along the neck line.

When it was time to sleep, the music in the pillow was so soothing and relaxing. It felt good that I did not have bulky headphones around my ear, which would be a hassle to wear while I was sleeping. My husband who had major insomnia issues on a nightly basis, was able to sleep within an hour, after just soaking up the music from the pillow. After I saw that, I truely could recommend this to anyone who has sleep issues, or in my case, stress and sleep issues.

Both the Bellysonic and Sleepsonic are gems. For people who are in my shoes, as well as people looking for a great product for themselves, can reap the benefits of these two systems. Whether its pregnancy or stress, in my case, or sleep issues, in my husband's case, both these systems can do so much for you, and you'll wake up a happier person. For more information please visit them at: and

Another Side Note: The lady behind these two great products, Julia Paris, is such a wonderful woman, who genuinly cares about mothers. She is a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about what she does. So if you have any specific questions or comments, I am sure she would love to hear from all you mommas here. Just go to the website and email her. She is also constantly developing new products and she also has a Baby Sleepsonic line.

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  1. I saw this product before and its really a cool concept, wish I used it for my pregnancy!