Friday, June 5, 2009

Our neighbors in Canada, know how to do a diaper right!

What am I talking about? Apple Cheeks reusable diapers. These are not the old cloth diapers that my parents grew up on. Nor are they the hideous looking plastic pants, that look super soaked and super heavy. Apple Cheeks is a functional reusable diaper that has great form, super cute style, and effective leak control. For me, all of these matter, when choosing what sort of diapering system, I want to go with.

I know a lot of parents are scared to take a leap into reusable diapering. I use to share those fears. Those fears were based upon cloth diapers I would see in old movies. Mainly, a cloth held up by pins. When I started doing my research on reusable diapers and started to use some, in the latter part of my daughter's diapering days, I regretted that I didn't start earlier. First and foremost, technology and modern times, have done reusable diapering good. Companies, like Apple Cheeks, are reinventing resusable diapers, to fit current times. They have super absorbancy, which I think is a big concern to all parents, when it comes to reusable versus mainstream diapers. Moreover, they have a snug fit, which secures the diaper from moving around, and contains anything from coming out from it. The inner layer, has a super soft microfleece, which makes you want to rub it against your face. It's very easy to put on, by adjusting the straps to fit your child's waist and legs.

Apple Cheeks also offers a variety of inserts for your diaper, depending on your diapering needs. They have everything from Bamboo, Hemp, to a Stay Dry Liner. All offering a range of absorbency from your lightest wetter, to your heaviest wetter. The diaper also comes in two sizes. Size 1 fits 7-20lbs and Size 2 fits 18-40lbs. The diaper also comes in 10 different color choices, all being very cute.

My daughter is completely potty trained, but occasionally, we get an accident at night, depending on the amount of liquids she consumed the night of. This particular night, I let her get away with drinking as much as she wanted. I put the size 2 diaper on her, after she had passed out. The next morning I woke up, and immediately went to the diaper. I checked and she did have a little accident, but not something that was very heavy. What I noticed was that the inserts underneath, soaked it all up, and it was pretty dry for the most part. My daughter does not like anything wet on her, so it was interesting to see that she slept through it, which says a lot about the absorbancy of the diaper. After we took it off, washing it was easy as 1-2-3.

My friend who has a baby, tried the size 1. She loved the diaper because it was so easy to use and had great absorbency. She also loved that her kid was looking cute, crawling around the house, while the diaper had full functionality.

There are other great benefits of using reusable diapers. For one, you will be saving lots and lots of money. My husband and I use to joke about the amount of money we would spend on diapers. We literally could be driving the car of our dreams, with the money that was being depleted from our bank account every month, from purchasing diapers. Especially with this depressing economy, we should definitely make changes that has a whole effect on our lifestyle. Plus, you are not contributing to our landfills, reducing your carbon footprint, and you are saving our trees.

Choosing a resusable diaper has so many more benefits than regular commercial diapers. Apple Cheeks, definitely has a great diaper that offers functionality, durability, sustainability, and last but not least, STYLE! For more information please go to Apple Cheeks Website: I urge my Canadian readers, to support your Canadian economy, by supporting your Canadian companies.


  1. These sound great!!! Thanks for the review!!

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  3. Thanks Jeff! Sounds great! A lot of my aunts and uncles have bidets and they love it. I think its custom in a lot of Asian countries as well.